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Trudging through the murky mire, a band of nameless mercenaries finally reach solid footing - an ominously still clearing, the ancient presence of a decrepit fountain commanding all attention. “Dig.” 

Many days and lives later, an entrance to the Under is revealed. The meagre cheers are silenced by the fountain flowing water again, almost urging for metal to hit liquid. “Now, we delve.”

The cheers rage on as word slowly spreads: gold and glory be here for all that seek it.

GRIT is a rogue-like inspired dungeon crawler where the aim of the game is to send in multitudes of '20-minute' mercenaries to loot gold, gain glory, and destroy evil.

Through repeated delves, the Players will slowly build up a base camp that'll unlock benefits and continually change how the game is played. The megadungeon below is expansive, intricately mapping out rooms is useless Just like the action-packed combat, Mercs will have to overcome skill-challenge-like obstacles that'll harry their exploration, including: falling debris, flame traps, and faceless swarms of enemies.

Inspired By

Videogames: Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of Hammerwatch
TTRPGS: Into the Odd, The Sygian Library, and The Gardens of Yinn.

Player Character Death will Happen

Those that don't like player character death will probably not enjoy playing this. The tone of the game can be shifted which might alleviate it's violent nature. By default, the game is generally run as a dark comedy but action and death can be altered: horror and viscera, heavy-metal blood and violence, cartoon scrapes and puffs of smoke, or pixelised disintegration. However, the truth is, player characters are going to be removed from play.

This game is meant to be played like you are playing a bunch of one-shot characters multiple times in a single game. Enjoy the chaos and have fun thinking how you'll make each death glorious.

Barebone Edition

This game has the structural bone of what it will become. This game is in a constant state of development. It also will be undergoing an overhaul/rework of some of its systems to provide a smoother core experience.

If you are ok with the idea of buying an 'early-access' game, and want to support the development, welcome!

Full Edition?

A summarised list includes: structure for campaign-play (end goals), Bosses, expanded everything (base-building, mercs, weapons, enemies/challenges, crawling, etc), megadungeon legacy mechanics (permanent changes to the generation), random tables for quick delve and crawl generation, proper layout and editing, and more!

Funding Goals

Yes! We're Itch Funding! Every purchase and donation will go towards furthering the development and future expansions to this game. You can find other projects using this method in the Lux Collective.

These are goals I want to accomplish sooner rather than later but I need to pace myself and understand scope. Reaching a goal will let me know I can start on a new expansion project on top of what I'll already be doing normally.

$333.33 – Scenario #1

A chain of Delves with a story through-line. This includes a new play material to supplement it i.e. enemies, tags, zones, etc.

$666.66 – Content Update Pack

New Everything! Hopefully with some of it suggested by the community! Including but not limited to: enemies, tags, artefacts, named weapons, zones, delves, bosses, fountain patrons, etc.

$999.99 – Cards

I believe having cards of tags, resources, enemies, and all things crawl-related would be very fun. It can help with speed of play, referencing, visual clarity, and it is another way to physically interact with the game. It would be print-at-home pages of cards.


$??? – Future Megadungeon Replacement

I'll start working on a separate game project - an entirely new setting to crawl and brawl through. This'll include everything that'll need to be run with it, including new rules, enemies, and challenges.

This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

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This game is a blast to play, with lots of opportunities to find what is most fun for you. I recommend this game to any group that likes dungeon crawls!